Nov 09, 2015

You’ve spent months designing, scheduling and planning everything out for your wedding and it’s almost that time to say “I Do”. Even the most organized bride may feel a little overwhelmed with juggling work and their new job as a wedding planner. We can only image how exciting and nerve – wrecking of a time this is for you, but keep calm – this should be a time of reflection, joy and tying up loose ends. 


Rise above these common wedding worries and enjoy your day...


  • Budget: You and your groom should have set a budget before you started planned and I'm sure you're noticing that you've surpassed that number by now. It be honest this happens to a lot of brides and it sucks but at this point in the wedding planning theres nothing you can do about it. Just know that you've invested in an amazing wedding.


  • People Pleasing: When you're joining two families into one it may cause tension and often guests have special requests. You will not be able to please everyone so stay focused on the bigger picture; your marriage, your future and the all the fun everyone will have regardless if they got their way or not. 


  • "Helping" Family Members: Try delegating small tasks to those family members that want to help out with the wedding. This way you won't be so stressed out if something isn't done the way you would like it. 


  • The Weather: Your wedding will go on rain or shine so worrying about the weather is pointless! We always hope for shine but if for some reason your wedding day has a cloud or two in it don't allow it to deter your happiness. 


Besides these wedding worries there are a number of things that brides stress over. With the help of this check list that The Knot's put together you'll push through the the final planning days. 


And remember to have fun, dance, take as many pictures and thank everyone for coming! :-)