A Thankful Thanksgiving

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Nov 30, 2015

Every year we wait all year long to eat the best of holiday foods; turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, baked macaroni & cheese and homemade cranberry sauce. We stuff our stomachs in celebration of Thanksgiving, a time of reflection for all of the things that we are thankful for. Families travel afar to exchange their daily worries for hugs and laughter with the ones that they love the most.

Most are thankful for the time off from work, the happiness that surrounds every room, the homemade pies, all the family and their health. But what most don’t realize is that when we are home celebrating the holiday in the comfort of our homes there are those that don’t have the same opportunity. For example, the children at Chris Evert’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


It’s always challenging to face health issues, but to deal with them on holidays is even harder. For the last 10 years RashawnRose has donated and served Thanksgiving dinner to the patients, families, nurses and doctors that spend Thanksgiving Day in the hospital.The RashawnRose family personally knows how it feels to spend Thanksgiving Day in the hospital. When Rashawn, the eldest & only son in the family, was diagnosed with Cancer it was Chris Everts' Hospital that nurtured and treated him. They staff welcomed their arms and hearts not only to Rashawn, but to every patient. 


Thanksgiving Day was one of Rashawn's favorite holidays so we made sure to serve Thanksgiving dinner every year in his memory. Over the years, students from American Heritage High School has volunteered to spend Thanksgiving afternoon with some pretty amazing kids. Take a look at how the day went...